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Das Bierhaus — a Cynic sneak peek at the new food spot

Published: Monday, September 7, 2009

Updated: Tuesday, September 8, 2009 20:09

A German restaurant named Das Bierhaus might bring to mind a scene of excessive alcohol intake, as seen in "Beerfest" or perhaps a backyard on Buell Street.

Owner Nick Karabelas and associate Chad Roy have every intention of making such fantastical scenes a reality in their new restaurant and bar.

The vision for the restaurant came from Karabelas's fond memories of the time he spent in Switzerland during college.

"My memories [from] Switzerland are hanging out in bars — the meeting place; that's where everyone is having fun.

"So this is kind of my take on all of those fun, awesome places that I got to go [to]," he said.

While Das Bierhaus is a restaurant, their beer selection will be most impressive.

"We're running eight beer lines total," Roy said. "Five of them imported German beers. Our three other lines will be specific to Vermont."

"We're looking to have a very extensive import selection, bottle-wise, so we've taken quite a bit of time to search high and low to look for a lot of nice specialty imports from Germany, the Czech Republic and other surrounding countries," he said.

The menu will also be full of more unfamiliar choices like rosti, schnitzel, spatzel, wurst, potato salad and black forest cake.

Though Burlington is a long way from the land of schnitzel, Burlington native and CCV student Rosie Buteau believes that Das Bierhaus will certainly add something new and different to the downtown scene.

"If anything, it will work as a niche for [people. They] will definitely want to go and see what it's all about," Buteau said.

Karabelas believes that, although Burlingtonians are used to the familiar downtown spots, the oddities on the menu will be a hit.

"I picked the city before I picked the business," Karabelas said. "My job is not to provide people with what they want; it's to provide them with what they don't know they want."

"My goal is to make everybody feel this is theirs," Karabelas said. "I was an under-served consumer in this market. There was no place that really met my needs."

It's clear that Karabelas and Roy are itching to really get things started as the training and building progresses.

One of these things is live entertainment. After officially obtaining their open ended entertainment permit, the ideas began flowing.

"Live music, live band karaoke, open mike night, anywhere from instruments to comedy," Roy said. "We had a funny idea the other day for a spelling bee."

"The live entertainment will add to what sounds to be an already cool spot," Buteau said.

"Though there are other places, this seems like it will be a restaurant that offers more than just that."

Unfortunately, both Roy and Karabelas wish to keep most of their ideas secret, in hopes of drawing a large and curious crowd at the time of their opening.

"This is bigger than us already," Karabelas said.

The Cynic looks forward to the grand unveiling.


Note: Das Bierhaus is not an extablishment that seeks to allow, encourage, or endorse any excessive forms of alcohol intake.

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Nick Karabelas
Tue Sep 8 2009 08:24
To whom It may concern:

Chad and I would like to thank the UVM cynic for this article, but we also want to make it abundantly clear that we have ABSOLUTELY ZERO INTENTION OF CREATING, ALLOWING, OR ENDORSING ANYTHING RESEMBLING "a scene of excessive alcohol intake, as seen in 'Beerfest'". Don't get me wrong... it was an awesome movie (Barry Badrinath and Landfill can be seen wearing our t-shirts at but we cannot, and will not, tolerate those types of shenanigans.

My Swiss experience taught me a lot about responsible drinking and personal accountability. I fully believe that when you treat people as adults, they will act like adults. Treat them like immature children, and that's what you'll get. We hope to promote a fun, lively, entertaining and unique atmosphere, where the customer's experience comes first. This means live entertainment, (non-drinking!) games, events, and other awesomeness that's heretofore unseen in Burlington.

As long as our customers know where to draw the line for themselves, they won't risk us having to draw it for them. Rest assured, however- there will be a line. Enforce it yourselves, so that the fun may continue, and so that we (Hanz, Franz, and the rest of Das Security Unit) don't have to enforce it for you!

We here at Das Bierhaus wish all of you the best of luck this school year. Go out there, and give it the old college try! Work hard in the library, and play hard at Das Bierhaus. Awesome ist almost hier.

Vielen Dank,

Nick Karabelas

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